, we grow for you!

Organically grown. Free of pesticides. Lab certified.

For Medical Use Only: In compliance with California H&S Code 11362.5 (Prop 215 & SB 420)

marijuana is NOT always grown the same every time.

Our Team Organically grows  strains in our greenhouse for you, the same way every time to ensure and maintain the closest consistency possible. We use the best methods to ensure quality, without pesticides or mold.  Try our available strains for purchase, grown the same way every time! SC Labs Tested on: 10/24/2017 Pesticide Test: Not Detected. Residual Solvent Test: Not Detected.

The Problem

Not all strains of marijuana are grown the same way every time. 

The chances of that same perfect strain that works for your medical needs being available the next time you go to make a purchase is unlikely. Additionally, the person behind the counter may not give you the correct information about the strain that you are there to purchase, and you may discover that you are dissatisfied after using the product they recommended.        

The Solution

Imagine having the same strain of marijuana that works for your medical needs, grown the same way, every time AND is delivered discreetly to your preferred location by one of our trusted counselors.  No need to worry about finding the perfect SC Labs tested strain that works for you again.